Project Life 2021 | Title Page

The first layout of 2021 is in the books, friends! 

If you read my previous post, my plan for 2021 is to do story-based documenting for this year in a 6x12 album. In previous years, I have always done project life in a pocket page style but this year, I wanted to kick things off strong with a fun full-sized photo as my title page.

2021 Project Life Title Page

I also knew I wanted to add a little bit of hidden journaling so, in my sketch, as I was flushing out my idea, I added two mini envelopes to hold my journaling. That idea evolved as my layout went on but the main idea of this layout stayed pretty much the same.

My first step was to create the base of my layout in photoshop. I created a 6x12.425 in canvas in photoshop (I prefer my 6x12 layouts to be just about as tall as the page protector) and added my edited photo onto my canvas.

My photo serendipitously blended in with my white background so I adjusted the size and added a 2021 word art by Liz Tamanaha from Paislee Press to the top third of my photo. 

Once my photo base was created and printed (I have this wide format printer that allows me to print up to 13 x 19 inches), I moved on to creating a pattern for my journaling envelope.

I used a journaling card from the Ali Edwards Hope Story Kit, sized it to about 5x7 (the paper size I would need to create my 2.5 in envelope) and recolored it using the paint bucket tool in photoshop. 

To create the envelope, I cut my piece of patterned paper to 3.75 in by 6.5 in and used my bone folder to score .5 in on each of the longer sides. Then I scored a line at the 1-in mark and the 4-inch mark to create my flaps. The score marks make it easy to cut the excess away get clean folds when you assemble the envelope.

For the journaling spots, I created 2.5inch squares and dragged and dropped another of Ali's cards into my canvas. I used the rectangular marquee to draw a box around the part of the card I wanted to use on my journaling spots, right-clicked on my box and chose the 'layer via copy' option. This created a new layer with just the part of the original journaling card I wanted to work with. 

I also decided to a word phrase sticker to my journaling spots using the same method to separate the phrase I wanted to add. 

You can see my complete process in the video below!


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