My Memory Keeping Plans for 2021

Hey friends! Question for you-are you one of those people who sets lots of intentions at the beginning of the new year?

I’m definitely one of those people who loves starting at the beginning—the beginning of the week or the month and especially the beginning of the year. Sometimes that tendency works against me (like waiting until a new week to start a habit or a new month to start a 30-day project) but I still believe there is something to be said about starting fresh at the new year. Especially when it comes to memory keeping.

 So what’s on my 2021 documenting agenda? Read on to find out!

Memory Keeping Plans


1) 2021 Story Album - 6x12 Pocket Page Album

Inspired by Ali Edwards, I'm approaching my yearly album a little differently this year and focusing on more story-based layouts organized loosely by month. I plan on including 6x8 pages as well as pocket page 6x12 layouts to tell the stories of 2021.

2) 2020 Memory Photo Book - 6x9 Blurb Trade Book

Confession? I hardly completed anything in my 2020 Project Life album (I might have made it up till the first week of February....maybe?) so I plan on creating a digital album to document the year probably as a 6x9 Trade Book from Blurb.

For an example of how I'm planning on doing this, head here to see how Shannan creates her Blurb books.

3) Heirloom Baby Album - 5x9 Milk Moleskine Photo Album

I loved the flip-thrus Liz Tamanaha posted of her moleskine photo album and I'm excited to create a pregnancy/baby album for my daughter using this style.

As you can see, two of my three main documenting projects this year are going to be purely digital but I'm also anticipating other hybrid memory keeping projects to pop up throughout the year like Week in the Life, December Daily and One Little Word.

My one little word for this year is Write and I'm planning to use the One Little Word journal by Ali Edwards to (hopefully) keep my word more in focus this year. 

Another project on the to-do list that I'm not anticipating finishing this year but would love to start is digitizing all of my and my husband's childhood photos + memorabilia to use in individual childhood albums later on. I'd love to get this done before the we move again but am also giving myself a little leeway.


Are you following me on Instagram or Youtube? Over the last year, my presence on social media has been inconsistent at best but I have big plans for 2021. By the end of the year, I'd like to double the following on all my social media accounts.

So what does this mean for you?
  • If all goes well, my hope is to post 4 times per week on Instagram and twice per week on my Youtube channel.
  • I also have plans to release a memory keeping class later in the year which you'll hear more about in the coming months.
  • The Start with Story Subscription will continue to release on the 5th of each month with access to each month's kit and exclusive videos available through the account login

 So there you have it! My memorykeeping plans for 2021! 

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  • Love your plans!!!! I also want to digitize some childhood photos.


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